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Battle of the Ages – Racquetball Poster Design

Over the years I have been involved with the sport of racquetball. Picking up the sport at the age of 6 when my father invested in Quail Lakes Athletic Club in Stockton, CA – which made us “lifetime members” For as long as I can remember we have had large tournaments. The Fat City Open was a giant event which had even bigger Saturday night parties. Love the 80’s! We have had an IRT Tour pro stop in Stockton for at least the last 15 years. I have had the opportunity to design logos, shirts and other media for these events in the past. This year I traded out my services to become an event sponsor. John Ellis is the de facto expert in running tournaments, clinics and lessons at InShape West Lane and is a former top 5 professional. John tasked me to redesign the entire tournament package including the logo, sponsor package and this oversized poster (19×25). I used bold colors, a distressed look and stark contrast with minimal background noise. It turned out great and all were very pleased. I’m pretty sure I’m getting the call for this job next year! Thank you for the opportunity John!