I got my start in the graphic design business back in 1998 by answering a classified ad in the Stockton Record. (Yes, a actual physical ad on newsprint) The ad called for a Graphic Designer with “Pagination” experience. I had been teaching myself HTML in an attempt to make a living with my mind instead of my hands. I had gone to college and was wondering why I was beating myself up in construction and such. I had a interview with the publisher Sharon Calone. She shook my hand and said “sit down and create an ad”. I did and she looked at it then hired me on the spot. I mean to say; sit down right now and start working!  So that started my journey at the Journal. I have worked on and off for Sharon and the magazine, now called the Central Valley Business Journal, for the better part of 15 years. In the beginning we produced the Business Journal and Senior Lifestyles, the latter edited by Marge Flaherty. Marge was a tough cookie and taught me a ton about AP style and proper newspaper guidelines. Back in the late 90’s you actually printed the paper, then glued them on a layout sheet to be photographed! (Thank God for Adobe Acrobat!) Lots of late nights and high-stress situations that ended with trips the local bar. If your in publishing you already know that it always comes down to the last minute and if we can tweak it, we will! I had started freelancing in the 2000’s and had designed a few covers for The Book of Lists (a supplement to the Journal listing the areas’ top business – a fantastic sales tool!) and various odd jobs here for Sharon. Which brings me to now. I was asked to come back and redesign all existing media and re-tool the look of the Journal. For years the publication was using a bold burgundy/black look. Sharon fancies lavender but that is just a bit to prissy so we decided on a set of blue colors. I brought elements of standard newspaper styles along with other bolder graphics with sharp edges and tight text placing to give it a more “serious” feel. I employed new fonts and different jump page elements to coincide with the Media Kit I am designing. All of this to bring a new and cohesive style. Here is the Front Cover and I urge you to take a look at the paper where you can find it or subscribe online at the link above. Now, let me get my hands on the website!!!