Billboards: Going BIG

It is a rarity that I have the opportunity to design billboards, but luck has it that two jobs came my way. As the Creative Director at the Central Valley Business Journal I was charged with the task of designing their first billboard. My first idea was to design it like a road sign with the phrase “Turn Right for Positive Business News” which was a big hit around the office. Turns out CalTrans doesn’t allow billboards to resemble road signs. With 10 cooks in the kitchen of ideas, this was a major setback! I sent some other standard ideas out (teamwork, integrity, etc.) I had just spent 4 months on a complete redesign of the CVBJ’s web site from a failing Joomla platform, to WordPress. I was interested in sending people to the site. So I decided to just go as simple as possible (see pic) which seemed to work. The next was Papapavlos restaurant in Lincoln Center in Stockton, CA. I had been designing their print ads and just augmented the design. Andy was promoting steak. I love steak! I frequent his place often and enjoy Mediterranean cuisine. I think you should check out his restaurant and eat some lamb or prime rib. The food is excellent! Tell em Jimmy sent ya!