Project Description

This was a top to bottom branding project for a brand new company focusing on gear for OCR (Obstacle Course Racing)

The Original Warriorpak was created by two working moms to be your one stop shop where you can purchase all your fitness and obstacle racing needs.

In 2014 Warriorpak founders Tracey Hayes and Kelly Jacobson decided they wanted participate in a daunting 13 mile 28 obstacle race. With no prior obstacle race experience they began training and researching what they might need to complete their challenge. They talked with experienced racers, searched online, and visited multiple sporting goods stores. It took them hours and numerous trips to various sporting goods stores to locate the items they thought would work for them.

Half way through the race they found that the gloves they settled on did not work, they were hungry, and lacked energy. As they pushed themselves to finish they came up with the idea of creating a one stop site where obstacle racers and fitness enthusiasts of all levels can buy equipment and supplies.